Update on the Boys 

 So the blog has been “non-existently “ quiet for quite some time now. Let’s just say it’s been a year. 

Our two energetic boys are an unspeakable blessing. They are cuter than cute and the source of immense joy. But yeah, they’re toddler boys, less than ten months apart…So despite our best efforts to thrive we survived until summer.

Another reason the blog is silent is we’re realizing more and more how much we need to protect them from the complex details in their stories being shared out over the “interwebs.”

We are so blessed by friends and family who support and love us and want to keep everyone in the know, so they’re aware how best to support and pray for our family.

However, it’s proven increasingly difficult to not overshare or be repetitive and vague. Thus, the silence. Who knows how this outlet will evolve over time. But for the half dozen who actually follow and read our ramblings, updates will be rare and come in spurts. In the meantime know how much we love and adore our boys. How amazed we are at their resilience, growth, and love.

At this time we are elated to announce a mid-August adoption date for Little Z! We are also surprised at the speed of K Buddy’s case, as he already has a pre-termination hearing scheduled for mid-September! There’s a lot that needs to happen and can still happen. But we’re so amazed that the path looks clearer towards adoption for our tender-hearted joy, K Buddy.

In the meantime we covet your prayers for our boys and for us. It’s definitely been a trying year and season on multiple fronts and we’re so thankful to be keeping our heads afloat and experiencing new levels of God’s grace.

We would especially appreciate targeted prayer for:

• Self-Care for us Parentals

• Extra time in the day

• Sleep

• Typical toddler parent prayers

• Spiritual Wisdom and Patience

• Financial wisdom for adoptions, etc.

• Healing for our boys

• Balance with meetings, therapies, & appointments

• Grace for all who work with us and our boys  


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